What do I need to bring?

Mosquito spray, sun cream, rain jacket (wet season), swimming suit, towel, change of clothes, walking shoe/hiking sandal, toilet paper, soap, a torch and money for extra drinks.

What accommodation will I be staying in?

If you undertake the elephant training you will stay in enclosed, private rooms at the camp. If you are trekking you will stay in the open air grass huts. Both are simple, but comfortable accommodations with mosquito nets, blankets and pillows.

Are meals provided?

Yes, all meals are provided, please advise us of any food allergies or special requirements you may have including if you are a vegetarian, prior to departure. The meals served are healthy Thai dishes designed to give you energy for the day. Feel free to bring extra snacks if desired.

Are there showers and toilets at the camp?

Yes, there are western style toilets and private showers at Jumbo Camp.

Are the elephants chained up?

The elephants are tethered to a loose chain at night for safety reasons. During the day they are under the control of their mahout and have a few hours every morning and afternoon to roam the property to eat, exercise and bathe.

What immunizations are required to travel to Thailand?

It is advised that you consult your doctor for information on immunizations prior to your travel to Thailand. As a guide we recommend that you look at a plan for malaria prevention, especially if you plan to travel in the wet season.