Our Camp

Our camp is located in Elephant Valley about 40kms from Chiang Mai. This site was traditionally used as a stop over between the nearby Karen village and the city. Co-founded with the local Karen people in 1999, our camp was developed based on the traditional Karen village model of housing, rice fields, vegetable gardens and lodgings for the elephants. We continue to work in cooperation with the Karen and other local tribes people to maintain Jumbo Camp. Learn more about Elephant Valley on Our Camp page.

Our Elephants

At Jumbo Camp our elephants are healthy and happy and used to being a part of the village community. We manage their breeding and reproduction to ensure the elephant population is appropriately maintained. We manage their diets and ensure there is enough of the right type of food in the area to keep them healthy. Our elephants are free to wonder the property under the supervision of their mahouts to ensure they get adequate exercise every day. Read more about our elephants on Our Elephants page.

Our Staff

There is one mahout per elephant and they work together as companions for many years at a time. Working as a mahout is a lifetime commitment, the mahout stays with their elephant day and night, taking care of their elephant’s every need and requirement.  There are currently eight mahouts, one for each elephant who work at Jumbo Camp. Read more about our staff on Our Staff page.