The Karen, one of the largest tribal groups in Thailand and Burma, has been living and working in harmony with elephants for hundreds of years. Today the Karen still treat their elephants like a member of their family and pass their elephants down from father to son. Our mahouts (elephant trainers) are Karen people who practice this ancient knowledge to communicate and live harmoniously with the elephants at Jumbo Camp.

There is one mahout per elephant and they work together as companions for many years at a time. Working as a mahout is a lifetime commitment, the mahout stays with their elephant day and night, taking care of their elephant’s every need and requirement. ┬áThere are currently eight mahouts, one for each elephant who work at Jumbo Camp.

We have ten experienced and certified Thai guides for our trekking adventure programs. They are knowledgeable about the local landscape as well as traditional village and tribal life. Certified and trained operators will instruct you in safe whitewater and bamboo rafting techniques.